Dhaka Education Board | মাধ্যমিক ও উচ্চমাধ্যমিক শিক্ষা বোর্ড, ঢাকা

Government College in Dhaka

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka, is an autonomous organization and responsible for holding public examinations (JSC, SSC and HSC) in Dhaka Division and for providing recognition to the newly established non-government educational institutions and also for the supervision, control and developments of those institutions. The board office is located at Bakshibazar, Dhaka.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka was established on 7 May 1921 according to the recommendation of Sadler Commission. Intermediate colleges and high schools in Dhaka city and Islamic intermediate colleges and high madrasah of greater Bengal were under control of that board. An advisory board made by the director of public education department of greater Bengal was given the authority to govern the board.

Dhaka Board was dissolved in September 1947 by a government order. Its name was changed to East Bengal Secondary Education Board in 1955 and it was live till 1961. Scope of this new board was limited to secondary level education of then the East province of Pakistan and control of intermediate education was shifted to the University of Dhaka.

Responsibility of intermediate education was given to the board from the university in 1961 and board was named Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, East Pakistan and after liberation, it was named Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka with the scope of operation within Dhaka division.

Established: 7 May 1921
Address: 13-14, Joynag Road, Bakshibazar, Dhaka-1211
Phone: 029669815
Mobile: 01977733553
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd
Opening Time 9AM To 5PM (Business hours in Bangladesh)