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By Sohagh

SSC English 2nd paper Short Suggestion 2024. Every student wants to better result in SSC Exam. So they need a good guidelines for us. Behind, they need common suggestion before ssc exam. For this reason, we find out a good and better suggestion for all education board. Some best Teacher helped redy to SSC short Suggestion 2024. However, this year, according to the instructions of the Ministry of Education, preparations are underway to take the Suggestion at the rate of 100%. It is hoped that students will be able to finish their Suggestion before the exam. After publishing the SSC short Suggestion, the student is looking for various websites to download it. However, they are not getting the desired result in a hurry. I am by their side to alleviate their frustration. For your convenience, we have published SSC short Suggestion 2024. So that you can read it very easily. We hope that our suggestion will get most common. It is very good SSC English 2nd paper Short Suggestion. So every student should to follow this suggestion, if they want brilliant result.

SSC Short Syllabus 2024

SSC English 2nd Paper New Short Suggestion 2024
We published here SSC English 2nd Paper New Short Suggestion 2024. If you want you can read it from our website. However, if you face any problem while reading SSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2024, you can let us know. We will take appropriate steps to resolve your issue. Also, if you like this article, you can share it with your friends and relatives. So that you can know about SSC Short Suggestion 2024. Because students have been lagging behind for a long time. So it will be beneficial for them.

Writing CV with Cover Letters:

1. For the post of a S enior/ J unior/ Probationary/ Accounts/C ashier/ Public Relation O fficer/
Management Trainee/ Assistant O fficer in a Bank
2. For the post of a/an S oftware Engineer/ IT O fficer/Programmer
3. For the post of a Teacher/Lecturer
4. For the post of a Medical Representative/ S ales O fficer
5. For the post of a C omputer O perator
6. For the post of a Public Relations O fficer
7. For the post of an Assistant Manager
8. For the post of a Librarian

Formal Letter & Email:

1. For increasing common room facilities
2. For permission to go on a study tour
3. For opening a debating club
4. For setting up a canteen/ computer lab/club
5. For relief and medical aids for the flood victims
6. For increasing library facilities/ multimedia facilities
7. For a full free studentship
8. For a seat in the school hostel
9. For a testimonial
10. For setting up a computer club
11. For taking steps against mosquito menace
12. For a transfer certificate
13. Provide sound system in large classroom


1. complaining about the insufficient facilities of the canteen
2. complaining about the sufferings of the common people
3. complaining about damaged goods
4. complaining about insufficient water supply
5. complaining about the mosquito menace in your locality


1. S uppose, you are the Headmaster of a school. Your school will remain closed due to
summer vacation from 3 J une to 19 J une. Now, write a notice about it.


1. Life of a Farmer
2. Your Visit to a Book Fair/A Book Fair
3. Price Hike
4. Tree Plantation
5. Your S chool Magazine/ Library
6. O urNational Flag
7. Deforestation
8. Dengue Fever
9. A Tea S tall
10. Traffic J am
11. A S treet Hawker/The Life of a S treet Hawker
12. A Rickshaw Puller
13. Load-shedding
14. A Winter Morning


1. Your Future Plan of Life/Aim in Life
2. Your Favourite Hobby
3. Duties of a S tudent
4. S cience in Everyday Life/Wonders of Modern S cience
5. Physical Exercise
6. S tudents and S ocial S ervice
7. A J ourney by Train/A J ourney You have Enjoyed Recently
8. Importance of Reading Newspaper
9. Tree Plantation
10. The S eason You Like Most
11. The Use of C omputer in O ur Everyday Life
12. The G ame You Like Most/Your Favourite G ame

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