List of Top 10 Colleges in Rajshahi 2024

Top 10 College in rajshahi

Best List of Colleges in Rajshahi. In this post here, we are sharing the Top 10 College of Rajshahi. The followings are Top 10 College in Rajshahi for HSC Admission.

  • 1. Rajshahi Cadet College
  • 2. Pabna Cadet College
  • 3. Joypurhat Girl’s Cadet College
  • 4. Rajshahi Government City College
  • 5. Bogra Cantonment Public School and College
  • 6. Rajshahi Govt. Women’s College
  • 7. Rajshahi College
  • 8. Sirajganj Govt. College
  • 9. Pabna Govt. Women’s College
  • 10. Govt. Shaheed Bulbul College
  • 1. Rajshahi Cadet College (EIIN: 126592)

    Rajshahi Cadet College

    Rajshahi Cadet College is situated 25 km (16 miles) away from Rajshahi city. The foundation stone of this renowned institution was laid by the then President of Pakistan, Field Marshal Ayub Khan, on 6 November 1964. After that, it was formally inaugurated on 11 February, 1966 as Ayub Cadet college. After the independence of Bangladesh this institution was renamed soon as Rajshahi Cadet College (RCC). The founding Principal of Ayub Cadet College (Now, Rajshahi Cadet College) was Late Wing Commander (Retd) Mohammad Syed PAF who joined on 1 November, 1965. The first Adjutant was Captain Khaled Adib (Punjab) who joined on 2 February, 1968. Mr. M Saleh Uddin Sinha was the first Member of the Faculty (Teacher) of this college. It was the last among four cadet colleges established in East Pakistan. The first Bangalee Principal of the college (third Principal) appointed on 1 January, 1970 was Mr. M. Bakiatullah. The first Bangalee Adjutant of the college (third Adjutant) was Captain MA Rashid (FF) who joined on 23 September, 1970. Captain Rashid, Bir Bikram inspired the cadets to join the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. Many teachers, cadets and other staffs of the college, including Shaheed AB Siddiqui, Bir Bikram (Demonstrator), laid down their lives for the freedom of the country in 1971. Eight cadets and ten members of college staff embraced martyrdom in the liberation war while four members of college staff still remain missing. From the first anniversary till now the College Raising Day is celebrated every year on 11 February. Likewise other renowned institutions of the country, there is an alumni association of the graduate students of this college. That association is known as the Old Rajshahi Cadets Association (ORCA).

    Established: 1964
    Address: House # B133, Lane # 21, Mohakhali DOHS Dhaka-1206, Bangladesh
    Phone: 025888-79075
    E-mail: [email protected]

    2. Pabna Cadet College (EIIN: 125670)


    Pabna Cadet College, is a residential military high school, partly financed by the Bangladesh Army, located at Jalalpur, east of Pabna town, Bangladesh. Pabna Cadet College was one of six cadet colleges set up in a second wave (1979-1983) after the initial four were established between 1958 and 1964, during the Pakistan era.[1] It was created on 7 August 1981 by converting Pabna Residential Model College.[2] It started with 170 boys of the residential school in four classes. As of 2022, the cadet college boards 320 boys, between the ages of 12 and 18, in six classes from class VII to XII.

    The cadet college is located on 30 acres (12 ha) on the north side of the Dhaka-Pabna highway at the village of Jalalpur in Pabna Sadar Upazila, about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) east of Pabna. Within the campus are a three storey academic block, student housing, a dining hall and adjacent canteen, and Bir Sreshtha Nur Muhammad Hospital, named after Bir Sreshtho Lance Naik Nur Mohammad Sheikh. The Bangladesh Army provides some of the funding for cadet colleges, administers them, and runs them on a military model. The school is headed by a principal, appointed by the Adjutant General’s branch of the Bangladesh Army. Other key administrators are a vice principal, an adjutant (an army major), and a medical officer (a captain/major from the Army Medical Corps).

    Established: 7 August, 1981
    Address: Jalalpur, Pabna District, Bangladesh.
    Phone: +88 01912046212
    E-mail: [email protected]

    3. Joypurhat Girl’s Cadet College (EIIN: 132222)

    Joypurhat girls cadet college

    On the basis of Ecnec approval, the abandoned cement Factory of Ministry of Mineral Resources was turned into a Girls’ Cadet College. The project area was on the western side with case on 2 JC/70, LA. The total area of the land was of 57 acres. The process of turning a part of the cement factory into a Cadet College started in the year, 2004. The foundation stone of the College was established by the then Prime Minister on 29 March. 2005. Some other parts of the Cement Factory were given to Science and technology Institute and the remaining parts and situated in 200 Meter far from the present Joypurhat Girls’ Cadet College. The College started its activities on April, 2006 under the immediate implementation pf projects of the then Prime Minister. The institution gave admissions to 5o Cadets in class Seven and 50 Cadets in class Eight for that year. “SHIKKHAI PROGOTI” keeping the College motto in mind Joypurhat Girls’ Cadet College started her journey on 16 july 2006.This year 52 cadets hae got themselves admitted into this college. At Present We have 326 cadets in this College.Here Cadets are given general education and elementary millitary training by highly qualified and well eperienced Teachers and Millitary Personnels. Joypurhat Girls’ Cadet College is established on 57 acres of land of 100 acre of land, budgeted for proposed cement factory in the village chokgopal and south khonjanpur beside the main road leading towards Dhamurhat away from Joypurhat town. The probable distance of the college from Joypurhat railway station is 3.5 km west.

    Established: July 16, 2006
    Address: Joypurhat Town, Joypurhat
    Phone: +8801769011246
    E-mail: [email protected]

    4. Rajshahi Government City College (EIIN: 126489)

    Rajshahi Government City College

    Since the independence of the so-called state of Pakistan, the region has faced a mountain of obstacles in terms of education due to the lack of adequate educational institutions in proportion to the population. The subsequent migration of a large number of educated Hindu figures from East Pakistan to India made the issue more pronounced. As a result the youth community was going through a distressed state due to severe financial crisis and crippled economy and was forced to think that their hopes of higher education would be prematurely dashed and their efforts to establish their bright future at the higher stage of transition would remain perpetually depressed for all time to come. In spite of all these obstacles, they have to wander here and there in search of jobs, and some of them, in a twist of fate, will spend their days in the dark corner of Pratymatma village without finding any job. In this situation, the only Rajshahi government college and a private educational institution, Adina Fazlul Haque College, could provide limited scope and opportunities for the education of the very few youth of Rajshahi district. A few youths born with golden spoons could take advantage of this education while a majority of the population who depended on agriculture for their livelihood and hailed from the poverty-stricken middle class had little chance of getting an education in such an institution.

    Established: 1958
    Address: রাজারহাতা, ওয়ার্ড নং -১১, থানা – বোয়ালিয়া, রাজশাহী – ৬০০০
    Phone: 0721-772388
    E-mail: [email protected]

    5. Bogra Cantonment Public School and College (EIIN: 119251)

    Cantonment Public College

    Bogura Cantonment Public School and College is a school and college in Shahjahanpur Upazila, Bogura, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. It was established in 1979 by President of Bangladesh Ziaur Rahman. As of 2014, it has a student body of 2605. It was identified as one of the top twenty institutions in the Rajshahi Education Board district.[2][3][4][5] The chief patron of the school and college is Major General Nazmul Hasan, General Officer Commanding of the 11th infantry division of the Bangladesh Army, who has described it as “the premier educational institution of excellence in North Bengal.”

    Founded: 1979
    Address: Dhaka – Rangpur Hwy, Bogura Cantonment, Bogra, মাঝিরা 5800.
    Phone: +8801769-113172
    E-mail: [email protected]

    6. Rajshahi Govt. Women’s College (EIIN: 126487)

    Rajshahi Government Womens College

    Rajshahi Government Women’s College is the only government higher education institution for girls in Rajshahi district, situated in a cool and shady environment in the holy land of Hazrat Shah Makhdoom Ruposh (RA) with its memorial. Although Rajshahi was known as a city of education since the colonial period, there was no independent women’s college here. Therefore, for the self-empowerment of women and the expansion of women’s education, Rajshahi Women’s College was established on April 24, 1962, with the financial support of a few intellectuals of Rajshahi, on a beautiful plot of about ten acres of trees, known as Tarini Babur Bagan, belonging to Kadirganj Mohalla of the city. The journey of this college started with twenty five students who were admitted through transfer certificate at the time of establishment. From the very beginning, the interest of students and parents towards this college increased as a result of the extraordinary success of the students in the fields of education, literature, culture, sports etc. In the mid-sixties, when the then government decided to establish one women’s college in each district, the officialization process of this college was completed on April 25, 1968 under that plan. The college offers Honors and Masters in Bengali, English, Economics, Political Science, History and Culture of Islam, Honors courses in History, Geography and Environment, Philosophy, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany and Home Economics; BA, BSS, BSC degree (pass) and science, humanities and business education branches are running at higher secondary level. The college has total 19 departments. There are skilled, experienced and dedicated teachers of BCS General Education cadre, some of whom are M.Phil. and Ph.D. degree holder Many of the former students of this college were and are currently engaged in various important fields of work including the education department. Selina Hossain, the famous poet of the subcontinent, is one of them.

    Founded: 1962
    Address: Rajshahi Govt. Mahila College, Rajshahi-6000.
    Phone: 02588855694
    E-mail: [email protected]

    7. Rajshahi College ( EIIN: 126490)

    Rajshahi College

    Rajshahi College (Bengali: রাজশাহী কলেজ Rajshahi Kôlej) is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Bangladesh. Established in 1873 in Rajshahi city with the financial assistance of Raja Haralal Roy Bahadur of Dubalhati. Raja Haranath Roy donated land for the establishment of the college and the annual income from the property was five thousand rupees. Within a short period after establishment, the college became one of the main centres of higher education for the inhabitants of East Bengal, North Bengal, Bihar, Purnia and Assam. Rajshahi College was the first institution in the territories to offers bachelor and honours degree courses in various disciplines since 1878 and Masters degree courses since 1993. The college is affiliated with the National University. The daily affairs of the college are run on the basis of guidelines prescribed by the Ministry of Education. It stopped enrolling Higher Secondary students in 1996 but again start enrolling from session 2010-2011. It is said to be the third oldest college in Bangladesh after Dhaka College and Chittagong College. Rajshahi College was the first institution in the territories now comprising Bangladesh to award a Masters degree. It also offers three years bachelor and four years honours degree courses in various disciplines. The college is affiliated with the National University. Since 1996 it has stopped enrolling Higher Secondary students. Situated in the city center, Rajshahi College is adjacent to Rajshahi Collegiate School and is very near the famous Barendra Museum.

    Founded: 1873
    Address: Rajshahi College, Rajshahi-6100.
    Phone: +88 02588855475
    E-mail: [email protected]

    8. Sirajganj Govt. College (EIIN: 128461)

    Sirajganj Govt. College

    Welcome to Sirajganj Government College. Sirajganj College was established in 1940 with the desire to improve the quality of life of the people and the opportunity to get higher education in Sirajganj, a town on the banks of the Yamuna River. The college was nationalized in 1979. Our organization is constantly striving to build a good citizen motivated by the vow of service to the country and nation. In this age of globalization, to keep pace with the changing world, education, culture and lifestyles require desirable changes. The Sirajganj Government College family is working with this goal in mind. We are conducting various co-educational programs along with regular educational programs for the purpose of encouraging students to participate in social development, create a sense of patriotism and self-awareness in the great wealth of knowledge. At present, the college offers Higher Secondary, Degree (Pass), Honors in 17 subjects, Masters 1st phase in 09 subjects and Masters final phase in 14 subjects. In the past year, the institution has achieved the status of the best institution many times at the district and upazila levels under the supervision of the fair environment of education and dedicated teachers and efficient managing committee members. It is hoped that with the cooperation of all, the college will become the life center of higher education in the area.

    Founded: 1940
    Address: Sirajganj Sadar.
    Phone: +88075164604
    E-mail: [email protected]

    9. Pabna Govt. Women’s College (EIIN: 125665)

    Pabna Govt. Womens College

    Pabna Government Women’s College Sadar Thana of Pabna District At the beginning of the 21st century, well-educated human resources are the main resource to become a developed nation in the stream of knowledge and science. Educational institutions and teaching societies of any country undoubtedly play a leading role in the development of this valuable human resource. Therefore, this educational institution was born in 1965 with the aim of building better human resources in this area and to bring the light of education to the doorsteps of the common people.

    Established: 1965
    Address: Dilalpur, Pabna Sadar, Pabna.
    Phone: 02588805088, 01309125665
    E-mail: [email protected]

    10. Govt. Shaheed Bulbul College (EIIN: 125664)

    Govt. Shaheed Bulbul College

    On July 1, 1968, the present government Shahid Bulbul College started its journey in Pabna with 165 students. The name of the college was Islamia College when it was established in 1968. Historically named after tradition, Gune Mane is now one of the best colleges in Pabna, North Bengal and Rajshahi Education Board and Rajshahi Division at higher secondary level. The name of the college was Islamia College when it was established in 1968. After the independence of Bangladesh in 1972, the college was named after Shaheed Bulbul. Shaheed Bulbul’s full name was G.M. Shamsul Alam Bulbul. He was a student of the college during the liberation war of Bangladesh. Shaheed Bulbul was born on March 1, 1954 in Bhatikya village of Sujanagar police station in Pabna district. His full name is: G.M. Shamsul Alam Bulbul. As the 7th child of scholar late Abdus Shukur Mia, Bulbul was the most loved among the siblings. Although his early life started in his village, he passed the secondary examination held in 1969 from Mahim Chandra Jubilee School in the city from his elder sister’s house at Shalgaria in Pabna city. Then he got admission in the then Islamia College (now Bulbul College). On March 7, 1971, inspired by the speech of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation of Bangladesh, G.M. Shamsul Alam Bulbul organized his friends and classmates and jumped into the liberation war. Pakistani invasion forces tried to enter Pabna city from 25th March 1971 but failed in the face of strong resistance from brave freedom fighters led by Bulbul. From the afternoon of March 27, the present city’s BRTC. (Bangladesh Road and Transport Corporation-B.R.T.C.) Depot has a battle with Pakistani invaders. Bulbul and his friend were injured in it. Later Bulbul died.

    Established in 1961, Pabna (Day/Night) College was merged with Shaheed Bulbul College in 1976. After the nationalization of the college in 1983, it continued its progress under the name of Govt. Shaheed Bulbul College. The old building of the college located at Abdul Hamid Road is being used as a dormitory after the construction of a new building at Ataikula Road in Pabna city at the government level. Since its inception, the main activity of the institution was for classes 11-12. At present there are three departments of science, humanities and business education. At present there are about 6 thousand students in the college. There are also many skilled teachers.

    Established: 1 July, 1968
    Address: Ataikula Road, Pabna Sadar, Pabna.
    Phone: 025888-46280
    E-mail: [email protected]