List of Top 10 Government Colleges in Khulna 2024

Top 10 College in Khulna

Best List of Government Colleges in Khulna. In this post here, we are sharing the Top 10 gov. College of Khulna. The followings are Top 10 gov. College in Khulna for HSC Admission.

  • 1. Govt. B.L. College
  • 2. Azam Khan Govt. Commerce College
  • 3. Khulna Govt. Girls College
  • 4. Govt. M.M. City College
  • 5. Govt. Sundarban Adarsha College
  • 6. Bangladesh Navy School & College
  • 7. Govt. Bangabandhu College
  • 8. Haji Mohammad Mohasin College
  • 9. Khulna Public College
  • 10. Jahanabad Cantonment Public School & College
  • 1. Govt. B.L. College (EIIN: 116954)

    Govt. B.L. College

    Government Brajalal College, also known as BL College, is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Bangladesh. It is located in Khulna, a major metropolis of the country. Govt. B L College, Khulna is an educational institution at Daulatpur in Khulna district. Babu Brajalal Chakrobarti (Shastri), a patron of education, established it first as Hindu Academy in July 1902, replicating the Hindu College that was established in Calcutta in 1816. Like the Hindu College, the Hindu Academy of Daulatpur had two branches, the Chatushpathi and the college or academy. Expenses of the Chatushpathi students including food, lodging and tuition, were borne by the institution. Only residential students were admitted at the beginning. The academy was managed by a board of trustees of whom Babu Brajalal was the chairman. The academy has started taking classes since 27 July 1902. Classes for the first and second year students began at a time. At its inception, the academy had only two tin-shed rooms with brick-and-cement floors and fence walls. At the beginning, the academy had only 2 acres (8,100 m2) of land. Later, the Mohsin Fund donated 40 acres (160,000 m2) of land from the Saidpur estate. The estate regularly disbursed a monthly donation of Rs 50 to the academy. The academy was given affiliation by Calcutta University in 1907.

    Established: 1902
    Address: Daulatpur College Road, Khulna Khulna-9100.
    Phone: +88041762944
    E-mail: [email protected]

    2. Azam Khan Govt. Commerce College (EIIN: 117165)

    Azam Khan Govt. Commerce College

    Azam Khan Commerce College is the first Commerce college in Bangladesh. It is located in upper jessore road, Khulna, Bangladesh. Its basically Higher Secondary Certificate level, three years BBS (Degree Pass) and four years Honors courses including as Accounting, Management, Finance & Banking and also Marketing. Its also 2 years Masters courses in Business faculties. The college is affiliated with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), Jessore and the National University (NU).

    Azam Khan Commerce College was established in 1953 as an Intermediate College (night shift) for the commerce students only. In 1954, its added (day shift) for the Degree level. Subsequently, the night shift was closed. The college was named after Governor of East Pakistan General Azam Khan. In 1963, it introduced Honours course in commerce under Rajshahi University. After the emergence of Bangladesh Masters courses in Accounting and Management were introduced in 1972 and two more honours courses in Finance & Banking and Marketing were added in 2004. The college was nationalized in 1979. Its earned name and fame nationwide from the very inception as a specialized higher educational institution for studies.

    Established: 1953
    Address: Upper Jessore Rd, Khulna
    Phone: +880 41-722882,+880 41-722882
    E-mail: [email protected]

    3. Khulna Govt. Girls College (EIIN: 117107)

    Khulna Govt. Girls College

    Khulna Government Women’s College Khulna is a well-known college, Bangladesh. It offers Higher Secondary School Certificate, Degree Pass Course, Honors Course and also 2 years Master Course. It is the oldest women’s college in Khulna. Khulna Government Women’s College was established on 18th July 1940 as an intermediate college by Rai Bahadur Mahendra Kumar Ghosh Rajendra Kumar Women’s College. Then in 1964, degree (pass) and honors courses were added.

    Established: July 18, 1940
    Address: Khalishpur, Khulna
    Phone: 041-725704
    E-mail: [email protected]

    4. Govt. M.M. City College (EIIN: 117170)

    Govt. M.M. City College

    Government Majeed Memorial City College is bustling with the most talented and smart students of South West Region, Khulna Division and Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board Jessore. This educational institution has already strengthened its position at the national level as a unique educational institution at the higher secondary level. For nearly six decades, Durbar has been moving forward at a fast pace, leaving behind various adversities in the national and international spheres with a signature of success in various fields. To participate in the fourth industrial revolution and to implement the initiative of the honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to build a smart Bangladesh, talented human resources are very much needed in the construction of which the Government Majid Memorial City College is relentlessly playing a role. The students of this college are participating in the national curriculum as well as co-curricular activities and are increasing the reputation of the institution day by day by marking success at the regional and national level. I feel honored and privileged to join the ranks of talented teachers, talented students and skilled staff working as the Principal of the traditional Government Majid Memorial City College.

    Established: July 1, 1981
    Address: Khan Jahan Ali Rd, Khulna
    Phone: 091-65677
    E-mail: [email protected]

    5. Govt. Sundarban Adarsha College (EIIN: 117167)

    Govt. Sundarban Adarsha College

    Government Sundarban Adarsh College, a traditional educational institution of Khulna city, is situated on 0.70 acres of land at the tributary of Rupsa river. The institution made its debut in 1969 as Sundarban Adarsh Mahavidyalaya at City Law College campus on Ahsan Ahmed Road in the metropolis. In the beginning the institution did not have its own campus to conduct its institutional activities. Subsequently, its campus was shifted to its own land adjacent to 81, Khanjahan Ali Road in 1981 with the help of prominent individuals who were fond of education in the metropolis. Nationalization of the college was announced on 25/11/1991 and the college was nationalized on 19/08/1993 due to the concerted efforts of dissident political leaders. Since its inception, the college has been playing a commendable role in promoting education in Khulna Division. Currently there are two academic buildings of four and three floors and one administrative building of three floors for conducting administrative and academic activities.

    Founded: 1969
    Address: Khan Jahan Ali Rd, Khulna.
    Phone: 02477-720247
    E-mail: [email protected]

    6. Bangladesh Navy School & College (EIIN: 117112)

    Bangladesh Navy School & College

    Noubahini College, Dhaka started its journey as Fahmida Cantonment School on 21 February 1978. In 1982 it was renamed as BN School Dhaka. Bangladesh Navy College Dhaka came into being in July 1996. College and School were combined in 1998 and came out as BN College Dhaka. Afterwards, in 2022 it assumed the name as Noubahini College, Dhaka.Since its inception Noubahini College, Dhaka has emerged as one the renowned College of Dhaka Division.

    Founded: July 1996
    Address: Khalishpur, Khulna.
    Phone: 01887-707338
    E-mail: [email protected]

    7. Govt. Bangabandhu College (EIIN: 117393)

    Govt. Bangabandhu College

    Government Bangabandhu College is a college in the southwest Bangladesh. It is located in Gopalganj City. The people of Gopalganj collected donations to fund the college. Khawaja Nazimuddin, the then Governor of Pakistan, once visited. He received a sizeable money gift. However, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman demanded that the money be used to establish a college, which the Governor accepted. At that time, two educational institutions operated in Gopalganj: Sitanath Academy and Mathuranath Institute. Mathuranath was then situated where Bangabandhu College was founded. Sitanath Academy and Mathuranath Institution merged to become Sitanath-Mathuranath Model School. In 1950, a college was established Quid-e-Azam Memorial College. After the Liberation War of Bangladesh, the college was renamed Bangabandhu Mahavidyalaya. On 1 April 1974, government nationalized the college and the name became “Government Bangabandhu College”. From the beginning, the college ran two courses: I.Arts and I.Commerce. In 1958, it added Bachelor’s degrees. In 1970, it added B.Science. In 1996, it added B.Commerce Currently, the college is providing HSC, BA, B.Commerce, B.Science, MA, M.Commerce and M,Science degree.

    Founded: 1950
    Address: Rupsha, Khulna.
    Phone: 01309-114393
    E-mail: [email protected]

    8. Haji Mohammad Mohasin College (EIIN: 117109)

    Haji Mohammad Mohasin College

    Welcome to the official website . It gives immense pleasure that, in consonance with the “ Vision 2021 for Bangladesh ” calling for ‘change’ as well as adaptation to an ICT based digitalized global environment, we have been redesigned our website with all the latest relevant information about our institution. Studying in the Govt. Haji Mohd. Mohsin college means being part of a rich tradition of excellence in education with highly qualified faculty in terms of background and expertise.

    Founded: 1962
    Address: Khalishpur, Khulna.
    Phone: 041-760018
    E-mail: [email protected]

    9. Khulna Public College (EIIN: 117111)

    Khulna Public College

    Khulna Public College or KPC, formerly known as Sundarban Boys’ Public School and College, is an autonomous educational institution directly administered by the Ministry of Education in Boyra, Khulna, Bangladesh. It offers education for 3rd through 12th grade. It is an educational institution only for boys. In 2015, KPC was named The Best Digital Educational Institution of Khulna zone. The college is governed by a Board of Governors chaired by the Secretary of the Ministry of Education of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh. KPC offers education in two shifts: morning shift (8.00 am–12.30 pm) and day shift (1.00 pm–5.30 pm). The head of the college administration is the Principal and there are two Vice Principals in each of the shifts.

    Established: January 20, 1987
    Address: Public College Rd, Khulna.
    Phone: 02477701339
    E-mail: [email protected]

    10. Jahanabad Cantonment Public School & College (EIIN: 132029)

    Jahanabad Cantonment Public School & College

    From Khulna city, on the Khulna-Jeshore highway, you will see Jahanabad cantonment on the right hand side. The environment here is beautiful with green trees, shade-rich and always full of birdsong. The current college branch was opened in 1995 with the aim of ensuring a proper education environment for the children of army personnel and local people staying in the cantonment. The college started its journey with 11 teachers and got academic recognition from Jessore Education Board on 08 January 1996. The pass rate of this institution is very good since its inception. From 1997 to 2001, a total of 6 students were placed in the combined merit list in the education board. In the year 1997, it got the honor of getting the army chief’s trophy by securing the first position among all the cantonment public colleges in the higher secondary examination. In this reputed institution, school branch was started from the year 2016 along with college branch.

    Established: 1995
    Address: Jahanabad Cantonment, Khulna.
    Phone: 01769564544
    E-mail: [email protected]