List of Top 10 Government Colleges in Barisal 2024


Best List of Government Colleges in Barisal. In this post here, we are sharing the Top 10 Government College of Barisal. The followings are Top 10 Government College in Barisal for HSC Admission.

  • 1. Government Barisal College
  • 2. Government Syed Hatem Ali College
  • 3. Barisal Government Women’s College
  • 4. Barisal Cadet College
  • 5. Government Brojomohun College
  • 6. Amrita Lal Dey College
  • 7. Government Suhrawardi College
  • 8. Bhola Government College
  • 9. Sheikh Hasina Cantonment Public School & College
  • 10. Shaheed Abdur Rab Serniabat Degree College
  • 1. Government Barisal College (EIIN: 100867)

    Government Barisal College

    ABC College was established on July1, 1988 at the center of the upazilla and beside the Dhaka-Barisal-Patuakhali National Highway. We remember with profound respect Mr. Abcd, founder of the college. He first came forward to improving the condition and economical position of the backward people of the southern part by establishing a college. It is the most renowned and popular institution of the upazilla. It covers a very large area and the scenic beauty very charming. It is the only college in the upazilla, which promotes higher education in the backward inhabitants in the southern part of Barisal. It has been spreading the light of education since its establishment.

    Established: 1988
    Address: Kali Bari Rd, Barisal 8200.
    Phone: 0431-64409
    E-mail: [email protected]

    2. Government Syed Hatem Ali College (EIIN: 100876)

    Government Syed Hatem Ali College

    Government Syed Hatem Ali College, located in Barisal, is one of the renowned colleges of southern Bangladesh. It is a university level college where students besides class 11 and 12, can attend into bachelor courses as well. Particularly, the higher secondary grade (class 11–12) students of this college are doing highest results every year than all the colleges in the southern region of Bangladesh.

    The college was established in 1966 on 22 acres of land. It was donated by the famous social politician and multinational businessman Lt. Syed Hatem Ali and this college was nationalized in 1986. His sons Syed Kawser Hossain and Syed Asadul Hoq (Bachchu) also contributed a lot for the advancement of the institute in many ways over the years.

    Established: 1966
    Address: Barisal Nobogram Road, Barisal
    Phone: 02478864984
    E-mail: [email protected]

    3. Barisal Government Women’s College (EIIN: 100877)

    Barisal Government Womens College

    Barisal Govt. Women’s College is proud of its great promise of ensuring women’s higher education in South Bengal. This traditional school is located in Manishi Vijay Gupta’s house on Agarpur Road adjacent to the busy Sadar Road in the heart of the Barisal division with many rivers flowing with Kirtankhola-Sugandha paddy fields in a quiet and pleasant environment. The college was established on July 1, 1957 as ‘The Women’s College Barisal’. Its educational program was started from the academic year 1957-58 with the full support of the local scholars and high-ranking officials of the then administration with the intention of implementing the motto of ‘Knowledge Discipline-Holiness’. Then on February 1, 1978, its ‘Barisal Government Women’s College’ was nationalized.

    Established: July 1, 1957
    Address: Agarpur Road, Barisal Sadar
    Phone: 043164992
    E-mail: [email protected]

    4. Barisal Cadet College (EIIN: 100443)

    Barisal Cadet College

    Barishal Cadet College is located 12 Km north of Barishal town beside Dhaka-Barisal highway in a serene and soothing atmosphere. Previously it was Barishal Residential Model College. In 1981 Bangladesh government declared it as cadet college. The decision of converting six Residential Model Colleges into Cadet Colleges was taken in the National Council Meeting on 1 July 1977. According to that process, Barishal Cadet College was established as the 7th Cadet College. Being distinctive in nature, this institution needed a huge constructional change keeping with the changed education system at the very inception. With the whole-hearted co-operation of the higher authorities and the relentless toils and tribulations of all the officers and employees, the college launched its activities overcoming all obstacles.

    Established: July 1, 1981
    Address: Protappur, PO- Barishal Cadet College, Upazilla- Babuganj, Dist- Barishal, Bangladesh.
    Phone: 02-478869802
    E-mail: [email protected]

    5. Government Brojomohun College (EIIN: 100875)

    Government Brojomohun College

    Govt. Brojomohun College, Barishal (also BM College) is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Bangladesh. It is located in the city of Barishal in south-western Bangladesh. On June 14, 1889, Ashwini Kumar Dutta founded Brojo Mohan College, which was named after his father, Brajamohan Dutta. The first principal of the college was Babu Gyan Chandra Chowdhury. While Ashwini Kumar Dutta taught English and logic, Kali Prasanna Ghosh taught history and Kamini Kumar BidyaRatna taught Sanskrit and Bengali. In 1898, BM College was transformed into a “First Grade College” from a “Second Grade College”. In 1912, the college went to government management from personal management strategy. In the beginning the college used the BM School campus and was relocated its own present complex sometime later. BM College, affiliated to University of Calcutta, started honours course in English and philosophy in 1922, in Sanskrit and mathematics in 1925, in chemistry in 1928, and finally in economics in 1929. The time from 1922 to 1948 is called the “Golden Period” of the college. The governor of Bengal at that time, Sir Udbarn, once commented on BM College, “The college promises some day to challenge the supremacy of the metropolitan (Presidency) College.” After the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, the college lacked teachers and the student body fell to one third of its post-war size. This made it difficult to teach the same numbers of courses and as a result the two year Honors curriculum conducted by Calcutta University was replaced with the three Honors curriculum of Dhaka University. As a consequence, Honors courses except Mathematics were abolished in 1950. In 1952, Honors in mathematics had also been discontinued. In 1964, Honors in economics restarted. Several other Honors and Masters Courses started between 1972 and 2005.

    Founded: 1889
    Address: BM College Rd, Barishal 8200.
    Phone: 01711131927
    E-mail: [email protected]

    6. Amrita Lal Dey College (EIIN: 100874)

    Amrita Lal Dey College

    Amrita Lal Dey College is a college in the city of Barishal, Bangladesh. It was established by Amrita Lal Dey and opened on 22 April 1992. The college has approximately 2,500 students. A great munificent, social worker and a great patron of education Amrita Lal Dey established this college in his own name imbued with the request of the civil society of barisal on april 22, 1992.The foundation stone of this college was laid by the former state minister for education principal md. Eunus Khan and the then honourable president of the people’s Republic of bangladesh Mr. Abdur Rahman Biswas inaugurated this reputed institution. Since its inception this college has been performing brilliant results in the education boards with a view to providing a standard education to the learners.

    Founded: 1992
    Address: Amrta Lal Dey Rd, Hospital Rd, Barishal 8200.
    Phone: 01718121784
    E-mail: [email protected]

    7. Government Suhrawardi College ( EIIN: 102955)

    Government Suhrawardi College

    The history of the college is a traditional school of South Bengal and the pride of the people of Pirojpur. Government Suhrawardy College is a reflection of the long-term aspirations of the people of the area. The conference organized in February 1956 under the name of ‘Pirojpur College Establishment and Education Conference’ was the first step in the establishment of the college. A college establishment committee was formed in this conference. Mr. Zainul Abedin M.P.A.K was given responsibility as the convener. On January 1, 1957, in a meeting of the College Organizing Committee in the courtroom of S.D.O., the college was named Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy College, Pirojpur after the then Prime Minister of Pakistan as proposed by Mr. Aftab Uddin B.L. After the imposition of military rule in Pakistan in 1958, the name of the college was changed to ‘Pirojpur College’ by a decision of the governing body of the college under the violent rule of the rulers. On March 1, 1980, the college was nationalized as ‘Pirojpur Government College’ by a notification issued by the Ministry of Education and on 16/05/1980 the members of the College Governing Body formally handed over the college to the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Later, according to the wishes of the founding editor of the college, Mr. Md. Zainul Abedin, the college was renamed as Govt. Suhrawardy College, Pirojpur. The admission process of students started in the college from 1957-58 academic year. Initially, the college activities were started in the local town school, but later the college activities were shifted to two abandoned tin houses and a new one and a Golpata house situated on 3.30 acres of land donated by Mr. Mohammad Afzal Mia on behalf of the Shamsunnecha High Madrasa authorities. At present the college has a total of five buildings including two honors buildings, a science building, a main building and a cyclone center built with the help of the Government of Oman. Three of which have two floors and two have three floors. Besides, the college has a hostel, a mosque and a temple.

    Founded: February 1956
    Address: Pirojpur Sadar, Pirojpur.
    Phone: 01715916699
    E-mail: [email protected]

    8. Bhola Government College (EIIN: 101205)

    Bhola Government College

    Bhola Government College is a government educational institution located in the area adjacent to Yugirghol, Bhola-Char Fashion Road in Bhola city. It was established in 1962, the college is the oldest school in Bhola District. form. Nationalized in 1989, the institute is spreading the light of knowledge in the island district by making continuous efforts for quality modern and up-to-date education in the light of “National Education Policy-2010”. In this college higher secondary and undergraduate level educational activities are conducted. The college is surrounded by beautiful and captivating natural environment. This college is affiliated to Bangladesh National University. With the aim of developing the backward population of Bhola, the largest island of Bangladesh, the then Deputy Commissioner Abdul Aziz and some enthusiastic people started Bhola College on 15 September 1982 with the Department of Science, Commerce and Humanities. Degree (pass) courses were introduced in the college in the academic year 1983–84. The college was nationalized on May 7, 1989. The first phase of the college was established in 1962 at the present Abdur Rab Secondary School. After that, the activities of the college were fully started by constructing a tin shed house on the land purchased in the name of the college. In 1978, the construction work of the brick building was started and later the brick building was renovated to its present form.

    Founded: 1962
    Address: Char Jangala, Bhola Sadar, Bhola.
    Phone: 049161822
    E-mail: [email protected]

    9. Sheikh Hasina Cantonment Public School & College (EIIN: 138998)

    Sheikh Hasina Cantonment Public School and College

    Sheikh Hasina Cantonment Public School And College is an educational establishment that is located at Bakerganj Barishal. Its Educational Institute Identification Number or EIIN, is 138998.

    Established: N/A
    Address: Sheikh Hasina Cantonment, Barishal.
    Phone: 01769073171
    E-mail: [email protected]

    10. Shaheed Abdur Rab Serniabat Degree College (EIIN: 100382)

    Shaheed Abdur Rab Serniabat Degree College

    Government Shaheed Abdur Rab Serniabat Degree College is a government educational institution under Agailjhara Upazila of Barisal District, Bangladesh. Established in 1972, the college affiliated to the National University offers Higher Secondary Certificates, Degrees and some graduate level certificates. There are about 2000 students in higher secondary class and about 500 students in graduation (pass) class. The college was established as a higher secondary college in 1973, BA (pass) course was opened in 1984 and graduate course in 1997. On 1 March 1985, the college was first enrolled as an MPO. The college was officialized on August 8, 2018. There are separate rover teams for boys and girls as co-curricular activities. There is a debating and cultural club under the charge of Bengali lecturer and English language club under the charge of English lecturer. The students have earned quite a reputation by regularly participating in their own and national events/competitions.

    Established: 1972
    Address: BARISAL AGAILJHARA – 8240.
    Phone: 01717557261
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Website: Shaheed Abdur Rab Degree College