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HSC Short Syllabus 2024. All Education board HSC exam 2024 short syllabus PDF download. HSC Short syllabus 2024 is available on this place. Before download it, please note that the HSC 2024 exam will be held based on the 2023 shor syllabus. In this article, we will explain the short syllabus for science, commerce and arts groups, as well as provide information about the HSC exam date and other details.

HSC Short Syllabus 2024

The Ministry of Education decided to take the HSC exam 2024 early. According to the HSC Routine the exam starts on 30th June 2024 and end 11th August 2024.The Board of Education is preparing to take the HSC examination through a short syllabus. Educationists have recently applauded the decision of the Board of Education. The students and their parents are also very happy.

National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) plays a crucial role in shaping the syllabus for secondary and higher secondary education. They have the responsibility of arranging and shortening the syllabus as needed. Following the Ministry of Education’s guidelines, NCTB has published a shortened syllabus, reducing it by 50% compared to the regular one. This initiative aims to assist students in preparing for their upcoming HSC board exams. Now you have to read the HSC short syllabus seriously and take the exam. But in this case first you have to download the syllabus. For your convenience, we have uploaded the HSC exam syllabus thematically on our website. Download the syllabus of the department in which you are an examinee and read it while sitting at the reading table. Below the HSC New Short Syllabus are given as a PDF file.

NCTB HSC Short Syllabus 2024

Subject Wise HSC New Syllabus 2024 is available in our website. For you convenience we upload subject wise & group wise HSC Syllabus. Examinations of three groups is held in HSC. Example Humanities, Science, Commerce. Download the syllabus of the department you are a student of. Let us know if you have any problems downloading the HSC Short Syllabus 2024 We are always ready to solve your problems. To download the HSC Short Syllabus 2024 click on the subject and wait a little bit for fully load it. Then click on the download option and get it. Thank you everyone. In additon if you want to get HSC suggestion 2024 then inform us. We try to give a short suggestion of HSC examination. Moreover we will help you with solving each test question during the test..

hsc syllabus

HSC Short Syllabus 2024 All Subject

  • 1. Bangla 1st Paper
  • 2. Bangla 2nd Paper
  • 3. English 1st Paper
  • 4. English 2nd Paper
  • 5. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • 6. Islam Shikkha 1st Paper
  • 7. Islam Shikkha 2nd Paper
  • Science Short Syllabus 2024

  • 8. Physics 1st Paper
  • 9. Physics 2nd Paper
  • 10. Chemistry 1st Paper
  • 11. Chemistry 2nd 2nd Paper
  • 12. Biology 1st Paper
  • 13. Biology 2nd Paper
  • 14. Higher Mathematics 1st Paper
  • 15. Higher Mathematics 2nd Paper
  • 16. Soil Science 1st Paper
  • 17. Soil Science 2nd Paper
  • 18. Statistics 1st Paper
  • 19. Statistics 2nd Paper
  • Business Studies Short Syllabus 2024

  • 8. Accounting 1st Paper
  • 9. Accounting 2nd Paper
  • 10. Business Organization and Management 1st Paper
  • 11. Business Organization and Management 2nd Paper
  • 12. Product Management 1st Paper
  • 13. Product Management 2nd Paper
  • 14. Finance, Banking, and Insurance 1st Paper
  • 15. Finance, Banking, and Insurance 2nd Paper
  • Arts/3Humanities Short Syllabus 2024

  • 8. Logic 1st Paper
  • 9. Logic 2nd Paper
  • 10. Economics 1st Paper
  • 11. Economics 2nd Paper
  • 12. Social Work 1st Paper
  • 13. Social Work 2nd Paper
  • 14. Geography 1st Paper
  • 15. Geography 2nd Paper
  • 16. Islamic History & Culture 1st Paper
  • 17. Islamic History & Culture 2nd Paper
  • 18. Civic & Good Governance 1st Paper
  • 19. Civic & Good Governance 2nd Paper
  • 20. Sociology 1st Paper
  • 21. Sociology 2nd Paper
  • 22. History 1st Paper
  • 23. History 2nd Paper
  • 24. Art & Textile 1st Paper
  • 25. Art & Textile 2nd Paper
  • 26. Physiology 1st Paper
  • 27. Physiology 2nd Paper
  • 28. Home Management 1st Paper
  • 29. Home Management 2nd Paper
  • 30. Home Science 1st Paper
  • 31. Home Science 2nd Paper
  • 32. Food & Nutrition 1st Paper
  • 33. Food & Nutrition 2nd Paper
  • 34. Art & Craft 1st Paper
  • 35. Art & Craft 2nd Paper
  • 36. Child Development 1st Paper
  • 37. Child Development 2nd Paper
  • 38. Agriculture 1st Paper
  • 39. Agriculture 2nd Paper
  • Hsc short syllabus 2024 pdf download

    HSC is one of the largest public exam in Bangladesh. There are a total of 11 education boards in Bangladesh. Who simultaneously published the HSC short syllabus. The syllabus is equally important to the students of each board. So the students of the board of education are requested to download the syllabus. And to complete the syllabus by studying till the day before the exam. You are also being asked to prepare yourself for HSC exams and get good results. Below is the board based HSC short syllabus published.

    Rajshahi Board HSC Short Syllabus 2024

    Rajshahi is an educational area. Every Year a large number of student attend in HSC Examination of Rajshahi Board. Rajsahi Education Board have an official website. The best institution of Rajshahi is Rajsahi College. Every Year the college give a best performance in HSC Exam. If you want to know any information then visit Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Rajshahi Website:

    Dhaka Board HSC Short Syllabus 2024

    Dhaka is one of the biggest education board in Bangladesh. The Dhaka is a capital city in Bangladesh. The headquarters of education board is Dhaka. Their have an official website. Moreover, the HSC students of Dhaka Board are also much smarter and more intelligent than other boards. So If you face any problem to check result then visit Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Dhaka Website:

    Jessore Board HSC Short Syllabus 2024

    Jeshore Board, Bangladesh an autonomous organization. Jeshore Board was established in 1963. Dr. Abdul Haque was the founding chairman of Jessore Education Board. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Jashore has an official website You can browse the Internet using your mobile phones or tablets and get the services of Jashore Board

    Dinajpur Board HSC Short Syllabus 2024

    Dinajpur Board was established on 22 October, 2006. The activities of the Board are in progress with the first HSC and HSC examination taking place on 2009. Each year millions of students take the HSC exam. HSC, HSC and HSC exams were conducted on Dinajpur board. They give a better performance in HSC Examination. Having a new board is still a great success. Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Dinajpur website: .

    Sylhet Board HSC Short Syllabus 2024

    The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Sylhet tarted its operation in 1999. it is responsible for the organization, regulation, supervision, control and development of Intermediate, Secondary and Junior level public examinations and educational institutions of Sylhet, Moulvibazar, Sunamganj and Habiganj.The Shylet education board has published their HSC Result 2020. After publish, web will add result here. The official website of Sylhet Education Board is If you face any problem then comment on this page.

    Comilla Board HSC Short Syllabus 2024

    Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Comilla has been established in the year 1962. Comilla, officially known as Cumilla, is a city in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh. Comilla board students get good results every year. If you are a candidates of Cumilla Board then get your HSC Result in this article. Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Comilla Website:

    Barisal Board HSC Short Syllabus 2024

    Barisal Board, Bangladesh started its operation in 1999. Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Barisal Official website website Bar Board have three important public examinations for example J.S.C. (Junior School Certificate) S.S.C. (Secondary School Certificate) and H.S.C. (Higher Secondary Certificate) Examinations. For instance It also gives scholarships to meritorious students based on the results.

    Mymensingh Board HSC Short Syllabus 2024

    Mymensingh Board, Bangladesh started his journey on 28th August 2017. Professor Dr Gazi Hasan Kamal is the founding chairman of Mymensingh Board. Mymensingh student is very intelligent. Mymensingh is a significant establishment in education city Mymensingh. The official website of Mymensingh board is At finish If you want to know any information then visit this website.

    Chittagong Board HSC Short Syllabus 2024

    The Chittagong is a port area. Chittagong Board was established in 1995. Every year a large number of candidates join in HSC examination of Chittagong board. If you are a candidates of Chittagong board then check your result in this post. Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Chittagong official website:

    Madrasah/Dakhil Board HSC Short Syllabus 2024

    Dakhil result 2020 is available in our website. Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board started its activity independently in 1979. People also call it Alia Madrasah Education Board. Every year a large number of studnet pass from Dakhil Board. In case of getting Dakhil result 2020, we are sharing the method. Madrasah Board has an official website Madrasah Board control under Ministry of Education. At last If you are a student of Dakhil then check your result with full marksheet.

    Technical/Vocational Board HSC Short Syllabus 2024

    In Bangladesh many students are interest in technical education. Technical Board is different board than another boards. HSC Examination Technical Board perform is very good. Technical Board, Bangladesh have an official website However visit this website and get more information. Vocational is one of the part of Education Boards. learly Vocational is Technical education board’s Secondery School Certificate exam. Currently technical boards are the most popular. ‍So every year a large number of students participate Technical Board exam.

    hsc 2024 short syllabus all subject

    Finally we are happy to give you HSC Short Syllabus 2024. If you have not downloaded HSC Exam Short Syllabus 2024 now, then collect from our website now without delay. In addition prepare yourself for exam and get a good result in HSC exam moreover make your way of getting higher education more smooth. At last thank you for your feedback. If this post is helpful then share it with your friends and relatives.